YRUZ Network Core & Sites

A full list of YRUZ Sites and a brief description of their purpose.

Brief description : YRUZ Network is a social media platform that revolves around unique way of making social media platforms work together. Here are some of the YRUZ Sites you can join in ;)

  1. YRUZ Core
  2. YRUZ Date
  3. YRUZ Ask
  4. YRUZ Sound
  5. YRUZ Tube
  6. YRUZ Pixel
  7. Neuro powered by YRUZ
  8. VYPR powered by YRUZ
  9. Morgana Search Engine powered by YRUZ

1. YRUZ Network Core, join YRUZ Network and share your pictures, videos, memories, thoughts and inspirations with people all around the world on a brand new social platform.

2. Ever got tired of limited swipes or no free boosts at Tinder? Join YRUZ Date and date freely, unlimited swipes and boosts, meet the person you truly want.

3. YRUZ Ask is an annonimous answer/question platform, it also supports picture polls if you cant decide what to wear :)

4. Join YRUZ Sound and upload/download and listen to your favourite artists, tracks and playlists for free.

5. Join the brand new alternative to Youtube, upload and build your audience of watchers by creating wonderful content on a brand new video sharing platform.

6. YRUZ Pixel is a image sharing based social media platform, share your selfies, your emotions with people you care about or with anyone, its up to you, YRUZ Pixel also has a stock footage storefront for photographers that put their efforts in making breathtaking pictures.

7. Neuro is a secure, fast and reliable social media platform that offers utility and usability.

8. Super secure, underground part of YRUZ.

9. Morgana is a YRUZ powered search engine, search for anything, if its not there, help her out, list your links with Morgana.


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