The importance of NOC as a service for companies

A network operations center, also called a NOC, is a place from which IT technicians provide support services to remote control and management software.

 NOC teams play an important role in the increasingly regulated IT services sector. They are excellent service providers for countless managed service providers. Technicians track and control endpoints, resolve problems that occur, and take steps to avoid problems and ensure the correct operation of systems. NOC Support teams play a vital role in high-level security operations, providing backup and support with disaster recovery and 24/7 uptime for MSP clients.


The importance of NOC as a service for companies


Networks can be expensive to manage, but they are a must to keep up with different business aspects. Regardless of the size of a company, outsourcing to a NOC will help ensure proper management, review, security and evaluation of its networks. They can also help support microservices, run business applications more effectively, and control the overall network.


Outsourcing the NOC will help you free up many valuable in-house resources that should otherwise be spent managing your network. This will help improve processes and operational issues by launching new initiatives during your spare time. Not to mention the fact that it will ultimately help reduce overall operating costs. A NOC analyst must be an expert in network, application and systems engineering, while SOC analysts require security engineering skills. Last but not least, the very nature of the opponents that each group faces is different. SOC focuses on "smart opponents", while the NOC deals with natural system events.



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